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This website revised:
May, 2009

This is an educational web site by Dr. Dale Dubin (Dale Dubin, M.D.), which includes important EKG (ECG) information about EKG tracings, 12 lead EKG's, and cardiac monitors. All web sites offer free PDF downloads.

To order Rapid Interpretation of EKG's, scroll to the bottom of the page.

For EMT's, Paramedics and all pre-hospital caregivers, practical understanding of the display on cardiac monitors is critical to the care of all emergency patients. It is important for emergency care professionals to have the skill to interpret the printout EKG strip from a cardiac monitor. But those who learn how to interpret the 12 lead EKG, have reached the pinnacle of essential knowledge and care that their career can offer.

Cardiac monitors display the heart's electrical messages, and also provide an output of EKG (ECG) tracings for careful study, but understanding the vital information on EKG empowers your response. That basic knowledge is quite easy to understand and acquire, as you will see shortly.

Some municipalities employ telemetry, so a remote physician can direct patient care. However, the best emergency professionals understand the cardiac monitor display, so the knowledge of these professionals is the critical link in emergency care.

EMT's and Paramedics can effortlessly gain a crystal-clear understanding the heart's electrical messages with one simplified book, Rapid Interpretation of EKG's, the most popular and most referenced EKG (ECG) text in the world. The new, full-color 6th edition is now available.

This renowned text, the international best-seller for over thirty-five (35!) years, is now updated with each printing (updated May, 2007), making it the most current text available. It stresses understanding rather than memorizing, so it instills in you a lifetime of practical knowledge and the confidence you need for optimal, expert patient care.

Our web site presents general information for emergency care professionals about cardiac monitors and the EKG tracings that they generate. These presentations also offer important (and easy-to-understand) 12-lead EKG basics. The presentations, "Memory Images" and "Interactive Learning", provide entertaining information that empowers you with very useful, easily learned, medical knowledge, so you can impress yourself (and your colleagues). See how fast you learn! Take pride in your new knowledge and put it to use immediately! And it is quite easy to acquire and comprehend, as you will soon see.

The section, "Life Preserver", demonstrates some EKG signs that may be present in apparently normal persons, yet the presence of these simple signs forebodes dangerous medical problems or even sudden death. By merely being attentive and observing these signs, you can then refer one of these patients for proper preventative treatment to become a "Life Preserver." By observation alone, you can save a meaningful life.

The section, "Monitor Warnings", uses the most advanced web site technology to show accurate, animated reproductions of cardiac monitor warning signs in real time, just like the cardiac monitor displays that you see in person. Your computer should accurately display these cardiac monitor warning signs that all EMT and Paramedic personnel need to know in order to deliver responsible, lifesaving care.

For EMT's and Paramedics who already are experienced with cardiac monitors, we present "Tricky Tracings" and will reward those who can submit and explain the first correct answer. Prizes! And if you want to learn more about identifying these common imposters, once the correct answers are posted, we will provide reference page numbers for more in-depth review (avoid future pitfalls!).

We also provide (free!) a simplified, step-by-step reference for interpretation of monitor displays and 12-lead EKG's, the classic Personal Quick Reference Sheets ("Personal Reference"), previously available only by purchasing the book. It contains snips of example tracings, with brief explanations of each. This valuable quick review is yours to print out or quickly download as a PDF file. It's your free gift to keep for daily reference or for your personal library.

This site is both entertaining and vitally practical for those devoted to professional patient care. The download speed depends on your computer. If you've read the information so far, everything should be ready. But if your computer requires more time, please be patient, for in the next few minutes you can easily acquire a wealth of useful information. Get a cup of coffee, relax, and enjoy the show while you absorb some essential knowledge!

Emergency Medical Personnel

In emergencies, your knowledge is the real hero!

When your quick-response judgment is based on well-founded knowledge, you are the public's emergency hero!


Older patients should be continuously monitored for cardiac complications, but all emergencies have the potential for cardiac problems, even in young trauma patients.

Patients in shock from blood loss, fractures, and general trauma all have reduced coronary blood flow - just as dangerous as coronary blockage from infarction or ischemic heart disease.

From Rapid Interpretation of EKG's copyright © 2017 COVER Publishing Co. Inc.

The information displayed on cardiac monitor is a powerful tool for skilled emergency personnel. Patients should be "wired" to a monitor, so that you can provide the ultimate in emergency care.

From Rapid Interpretation of EKG's copyright © 2017 COVER Publishing Co. Inc.

From Rapid Interpretation of EKG's copyright © 2017 COVER Publishing Co. Inc.

Interpretation of 12 leads, if available, gives you an even wider range of advanced diagnostic skills.

From Rapid Interpretation of EKG's copyright © 2017 COVER Publishing Co. Inc.

You can easily acquire this vital knowledge for the self-confidence of effective emergency care.

Learn the heart's language quickly and efficiently. You can easily understand the electrical messages displayed on cardiac monitor to repsond properly.

From Rapid Interpretation of EKG's copyright © 2017 COVER Publishing Co. Inc.

This is the one easy way to understand the heart's electrical messages:

  • immediate understanding.

  • read it today, use it tomorrow


Updated with each printing
(updated May, 2007)

The new, 6th edition of Rapid Interpretation of EKG's in full color is now available.


  • number one in the U.S. (and world-wide), since first published.

  • printed in 42 languages.

  • updated with each printing (updated May, 2007), making it the most current text of its kind.


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Updated and revised with each printing
(updated May, 2007)
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